Meet our Partner for Cybersecurity!
The outstanding competition for early stage startups.
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Meet our Partner for Cybersecurity!

We are excited to have two amazing categories with two amazing partners for this year’s Innovators‘ Pitch! The first category we would like to present to you is Cybersecurity powered by Cloudflare. You can apply for this category until May 15, 2022!




Due to increasing digitization, data is becoming a central part of the value chain. Without a modern technical infrastructure to process and secure this data, this progress creates significant risks for companies. To protect both existing infrastructure and emerging technologies from cyberattacks, security requirements will continue to grow in the future. This makes cybersecurity a central aspect of the digital transformation. Startups are particularly close to the technical spirit of the times with their solutions. They offer valuable support so that organizations can meet today’s challenges on an equal level and stay at least one step ahead of future risks.



Cloudflare is on a mission to help build a better Internet. Cloudflare’s suite of products protect and accelerate any Internet application online without adding hardware, installing software, or changing a line of code. Internet properties powered by Cloudflare have all web traffic routed through its intelligent global network, which gets smarter with every request. As a result, they see significant improvement in performance and a decrease in spam and other attacks.



3 questions for Cloudflare:

How does Cloudflare drive innovation?

The seeds of innovative ideas start with our team. We seek people who approach a situation with curiosity — who seek to understand the what, the how, and perhaps most importantly, the why of the world around them. Innovation at its core is finding new ways to solve existing problems, and this curiosity fuels innovation.
We care about the capabilities we deliver and how they look and feel. This focus leads to big innovations, but also to smaller improvements. Because we’ve innovated in the way we’ve built our network — making it highly scalable and cost-effective — we’re able to pass these savings on to our customers.
Last, but not least, our large base of free customers also helps fuel innovation. Through servicing such a diverse base — from a personal blog in Bolivia to a small business in Chennai to a start-up in Munich — we observe unique traffic and threat patterns.

How does Cloudflare cooperate with startups?

Cloudflare understands the challenges of startups because it was one of them not that long ago, too. To help startups get going, Cloudflare is giving away one year of the Startup Enterprise plan to all early-stage startups in participating accelerator programs. The early stage of a startup life cycle is a special time for product development, and entrepreneurs can unlock worlds of possibilities when they have advanced tools on their hands, such as the power of the Cloudflare network. Additionally, when there are new Cloudflare products that are still in early access, participants on the Startup Enterprise plan can tell us about their use case for the product managers’ consideration for early access.

You are category partner of the Innovators‘ Pitch. What do you expect from the event?

Among other topics, this year’s Innovators’ Pitch is centered around Cybersecurity – one of our core areas of business. We are excited about young entrepreneurs presenting their innovative products and prototypes to a high-level jury and an expert audience. How can new technologies help us address today’s IT security challenges, and how can IT systems and our data be protected from cyberattacks? It’s always inspiring to see how the new generation of entrepreneurs is meeting these challenges, and we’re proud to be able to give back to the ecosystem. As the path-breaking competition for early-stage startups in Europe, we are honored to support the Innovators’ Pitch with our expertise, especially when it comes to innovation. Being centered in the heart of Europe, Berlin is also highly important to us as a global company with a strong focus and footprint in Europe.

We’re thrilled to have Cloudflare as a partner for our Cybersecurity category at this year’s Innovators‘ Pitch! Apply for this category until May 15, 2022 and get the chance to present your startup at!