Meet our Partner for Enterprise Analytics!
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Meet our Partner for Enterprise Analytics!

We are excited to have two amazing categories with two amazing partners for this year’s Innovators‘ Pitch! The second partner we would like to introduce to you is SAP.iO who will power the Enterprise Analytics category. You can apply for this category until May 15, 2022!



Enterprise Analytics

Prediction, visualization, intelligent business planning – it’s all about data! Innovative startups pave the way to the intelligent enterprise. Their B2B solutions help connect people, information, and ideas to enable fast and confident decision-making in areas such as HR, supply chain, and sustainability. With machine learning technology and embedded artificial intelligence, tech startups support businesses to unlock their potential by discovering deep insights, simplifying access to critical information, visualizing data and coherencies, or creating a predictive model for forecasting future events.




SAP.iO Foundries is SAP’s global network of equity-free startup accelerators that are the fastest way for founders to launch a relationship with SAP. SAP.iO Foundries provides technical and go-to-market support to help startups integrate with SAP and accelerate their entry into a curated inclusive ecosystem whose offerings can be easily accessed and deployed by SAP customers. SAP.iO Foundries were formally launched in 2017 and have helped accelerate more than 350 startups across all lines of business and industries. SAP.iO currently has 10 Foundries located in San Francisco, New York, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangalore, and Shanghai.



3 Questions for SAP.iO:

How does SAP.iO drive innovation?

At SAP, the open ecosystem of partner solutions is a key to success. Supporting this philosophy is SAP.iO’s startup technology that complements SAP’s portfolio while creating the next generation of SAP partners. SAP.iO works to accelerate, scale, and incubate startup innovation that creates value for our customers. We do this through relevant industry-specific foundry programs in 10 locations around the globe, through SAP.iO venture studios, and with our Intrapreneurship program. We firmly believe that diversity yields better innovation, through our SAP.iO No Boundaries program we have committed to accelerate over 200+ startups with talented underrepresented founder/CXO’s by 2023. SAP.iO No Boundaries is the first comprehensive inclusive entrepreneurship initiative in the business software industry. SAP.iO continues to drive innovation by ensuring all innovators are empowered to start-up with SAP.

How does SAP.iOcooperate with startups?

The SAP.iO Foundries are SAP’s global network of startup accelerators that help startup innovators integrate with SAP solutions, accelerating their entry into an inclusive ecosystem whose offerings are easily accessed and deployed by SAP customers. Startup solutions are easily accessible to our customer base on the SAP Store. SAP.iO helps the latest startup technologies get to market faster, speeding up innovation potential not only for the startup but for SAP customers. Entrepreneurs are immersed in a program working alongside executives and mentors that is developed to focus on the unique challenges of B2B companies. SAP.iO cooperates with the startups by offering access to curated mentorship, exposure to SAP technologies, and opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers – all while requiring no equity from the startups to participate. More than 400 customers engaged with the SAP.iO team to connect to these startups who could quickly provide value and help them achieve their innovation goal.

You are category partner of the Innovators‘ Pitch. What do you expect from the event?

Being part of this panel, we are excited to learn about the startups working on pressing topics such as sustainability, future of work and alike utilizing cutting edge technologies and innovative business models. As SAP’s startup partner program, we are always interested to meet and learn startups in the B2B space who are ready to scale and want to partner with SAP.

We’re thrilled to have SAP.iO as a partner for our Enterprise Analytics category at this year’s Innovators‘ Pitch! Apply for this category until May 15, 2022 and get the chance to present your startup at!