Get to know our Enterprise Analytics finalists!
The outstanding competition for early stage startups.
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Get to know our Enterprise Analytics finalists!

The finalists of the Innovators‘ Pitch 2022 in the category Enterprise Analytics are:


FORMATION | qbilon | Stargazr





Who are you and what does FORMATION do?

We are a new class of location company making location tech accessible for every business in just one day. Our superpower is collaborative maps, where people, places and things become actionable in everyday work, digitalizing businesses and ultimately helping to create location data-powered companies.  

What potential do you see in Enterprise Analytics?

Companies underestimate how little they know about their own workplace and what is happening on a daily-basis. We help them to better understand processes, space utilization, and workflows through their own location data. These rich data sets are constantly evolving and full of company-specific knowledge and knowhow ready to be utilized and optimized.

What makes your startup an innovator?

We found a way to make location technology consumable for every business in less than one day. We call it the Express Location Box. 
Often companies have the misconception that location technology is all about positioning and tracking, but it’s not. It is firstly about empowering people and processes. We do this in a way that everyone understands: maps. Through their usage, we create intelligent location systems, which help companies to utilize workplaces, optimize work processes, enhance workers‘ satisfaction, and stay ahead of their competition through the power of location data.





Who are you and what does qbilon do?

qbilon is a startup located in Augsburg, Germany and was founded by four former computer science PhD students. Our SaaS platform automatically captures hybrid IT landscapes providing IT decision-makers with a solid, always up-to-date knowledge base. This IT map can be used for individual analysis and target-oriented optimization of their IT landscapes regarding efficiency, security and costs.

What potential do you see in Enterprise Analytics?

Facing constantly rising IT complexity and advancing cloud transformation efforts, companies have reached a level of IT complexity that is not „manually manageable“ anymore – resulting in IT cost inefficiency, recurring outages, security leaks and time-consuming maintenance tasks. Dealing with this problem is inevitable as the IT is more and more becoming a key factor for corporate success. However, making well-founded IT decisions requires cross-level capturing of all IT assets, enabling enterprise-individual analyses and providing customized decision support.

What makes your startup an innovator?

qbilon merges data from on-premises and cloud IT assets to provide a unique, cross-level view of the IT landscape. Within just a few minutes, information is retrieved from previously isolated data sources, taking the degree of automation in the data capturing process to a new level. qbilon offers full flexibility in customer-specific analyses, individual visualization and reporting of the generated IT assets map.




Who are you and what does Stargazr do?

Stargazr is a cloud-based SaaS solution, specifically designed and built for finance teams of manufacturing companies. Our software uses a powerful KPI model that connects operational and financial KPI and sends recommendations about how to solve a problem in the operation.

What potential do you see in Enterprise Analytics?

Enterprise analytics will change the variety, volume and velocity of decisions within companies. Through the usage of data companies will not only be able to make future-oriented decisions, but also get indications on how to solve bottlenecks and improve companies profitability. In the bigger picture, current analysts could shift towards business partner and allow the power of analytics to take over the data crunching and report preparation.

What makes your startup an innovator?

We at Stargazr are focusing on prescriptive analytics, which is the most complex and latest stage at the business analytics ladder. We are using optimization models and use Machine Learning approaches to train a recommendation engine, which helps CFOs and Controllers to get support on how to improve the profitability.  Here, with the help of decision models, an attempt is made to explain to the FP&A what must be implemented in order to achieve a certain financial result.