Three Categories – Three Industries!
The outstanding competition for early stage startups.
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Three Categories – Three Industries!

Major news from Innovators‘ Pitch: our categories for this year’s competition have been determined! On November 28, we will look for the most innovative early stage startups in Digital Health, Internet of Things (IoT) and Travel & Tourism. We are looking forward to many exciting applications in these categories! Our application phase will start in summer.

As always awesome partners support our Innovators‘ Pitch. We are very excited to introduce our category partners in June. So stay tuned!

Digital Health

Digital Health is not only empowering people to better track, manage and improve their own and their families’ health. The rise of digital health solutions also has the potential to make a difference for people with chronic or rare diseases. Digital health revolutionizes the connection between doctor and patient through virtual treatment, self-care and engagement. Innovative solutions can contribute to a better disease awareness, earlier diagnosis as well as to an improved adherence.

 Internet of Things

Of all technology trends of the past years, the Internet of Things might be the biggest disruptor: By making devices smart and connected, the Internet of Things will fundamentally change the way we live and work, and how we interact with each other and our environments. From Wearables to Smart Manufacturing:  IoT means big changes for consumers, governments and the industry.

Travel & Tourism

Using location based services to create personalised travel experiences, using VR to discover foreign countries or enjoying digital entertainment on the plane – the travel industry is becoming more and more digital. The digitization of tourism is changing the entire customer journey from the travel booking to the stay at the destination. Digital technologies make travel more comfortable, more sustainable and more customer-friendly.